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Welcome to surveys for your Life in Washington County MD.

Everyone of us has an opinion about various things that cross our paths. It could be about businesses, personal events, community events, politics, religion, weather, and a variety of other concerns. Some of the topics will be humorous, while other topics will stir up deep emotions. Public opinion does matter, of course the outcome of any situation depends on the people involved. Just because the community wants change, we know that the people in charge do not listen or make decisions based on other information not disclosed to the public.

There is not a set schedule for surveys, nor any set topics.  The surveys are anonymous, but do not attempt to take the survey more than once. These are not surveys where you can add a vote everyday. At times there will be surveys you can add your personal information but it will never be required, you can just leave it blank.

Your opinion is important. Lets get your voice heard!!!

Life in Washington County MD

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