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Life in Washington County MD….

What we have here, is Life in Washington County MD. You Live it, I live it,  our neighbors live it, WE live it! Right now we have categories such as Community Events and more, Deals and Specials, Entertainment and more, and Monthly happenings. They are currently listed on the right of this page. You can also find them on Facebook through the links highlighted as paragraph headings.

Washington County MD Deals and Specials,
This was the beginning. Washington County has a treasure of restaurants. From local entrepreneurs to the chain restaurants many know. Most of them offer daily specials or deals. Many chefs bring something different as they pour their love into the food they prepare for the dinners. The deals and specials are for you to try something new or enjoy one of your favorite.

Washington County MD Entertainment and more by He,
Music is a great way to let loose and feel the passion from the artist sharing their talent through the rhythm. Whether you enjoy live  music, Karaoke, a DJ spinning it, or a juke box there is plenty of it in the area. The variety of music is plentiful. This category also covers other events in the area like Wind Down Hagerstown, Beef Fest, Wine tasting, and more.
Washington County MD Community Events and more.,
Community, what does it mean to you? This is the category for well, community events such as fundraisers, charities, or other events that help the community.  As of now runs will be in this category.
Monthly Happenings
Well Monthly happenings is just that. The monthly happenings will help you plan your month. This will be published monthly but in more detail as the event gets closer, or maybe there is a deadline for tickets. Not all events will be found, and there is not intention to miss any.

So, not everybody wants to know about all the above categories. So there is a Facebook page for each as well as a parent page, Life in Washington County MD. Like the ones you want, or like them all, or you could always bookmark this page for you to come back to. I need your help though. Take a few minutes to give feedback on the direction of this adventure.  No personal information will be needed, just questions related to topics, Instagram, Twitter, email, and text notifications. After all, I get many emails daily and the intention is not to overwhelm you but share with you the Life in Washington County MD.
I encourage you to share, share, and share! Life in Washington County MD is very special as there are two major highways and a variety of attractions that bring friends and tourist to the area. Just my opinion, but the local economy can thrive by spreading the word of Life in Washington County MD!
Life in Washington County MD

More Categories to come.

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