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In short. Hamlets Scroll is a marketing platform like none other.

The local directory, entertainment guide, deals and specials… for your Life in Washington County MD.

Hamlets Scroll of WHMD is here as a direct online bridge between the community and the local businesses without outside influence normal search engines receive. It is to the point and what people want without the ever-changing Algorithms the other sites use that force you to change your marketing campaigns, and take your focus off of your true business. You will find local businesses in the Hamlets Scroll of Washington County MD business directory and the local scene of entertainment and events supporting the local communities such as Boonsboro Greenfest, the local firefighter Bonanza, Smithsburg Pride Days, and more.

There is no politics here. No news other that what is appropriate such as a grand opening, extended hours, special event etc.

The latest SEO, Social Media Psychology, and other data will be used in the promotion of your business, offer, deal, or special.

Explore what Hamlets Scroll of Washington County MD has to offer you. Then lets talk about your Scroll. Contact information below.

Hamlets Scroll of Washington County MD
Deals and Specials

This is where your Deals and Specials will be showcased. This is intended to be published daily and as this business grows and progresses or requested it can be published twice a day for lunch and dinner. The market for this is not necessarily people who plan far in advanced. This is for last minute choices. Maybe someone burns dinner, or the power went out, or maybe a cookout was rained out. Even if people plan date nights the deals and specials will be for them.  As time moves forward the InternetEstate these have will slowly dominate the search engines.

Hamlets Scroll of Washington County MDs
Community Events

This is for fundraisers, charity events, community activites and more. Mainly for non-profit companies, or if you business is having an event that falls under those categories. It is great for firehall events, and more. This area does a lot of Chicken BBqs, golf fundraisers, along with other events in each community such as Ocoberfest, Canal Days, Porch Fest, and more. some of these will fall under the Entertainment and more, but it the primary target audience will be people looking for community events

Hamlets Scroll of Washington County MD
Business Directory

The Business directory concept is like nothing else you have seen. The primary focus is on the local businesses. For example a restaurant will have links to other businesses like retail shops, entertainment, and link to the latest arts and entertainment, and deals and specials. Now the business directory can be customized to add your social media, videos, pictures, small menu, weather widgets and more. There is the option to link your website, capture emails, etc. If you need a website lets talk. It can be tied to Hamlets Scroll, and you will be able to benefit form the joint web-traffic.Check out one for Custom Cuts “My Way” By Angela

Hamlets Scroll of Washington County MDs
The Scene- Arts and Entertainment

This is my favorite because I am one to unwind with the passion that comes out of local bands. There is nothing like the energy between a live band and the audience that creates a harmony like none other. Arts and Entertainment are as old as life itself. This category is for both businesses who host, and the local bands, karaoke companies, museums, theaters, movies, and any other business associated with arts and Entertainment. This area has places like the MD Theater, Washington County Playhouse, Fine Art Museum, and the local talent that fills the air at the other local businesses.

Hamlets Scroll of WHMD
365 Things To DO

365 Things To Do…. Oh yes 365 Things to do in Washington County MD is about Life in Washington County MD. This covers anything form hiking, camping, Blues Fest, Country Fest, Races, visiting each municipality, visiting all the parks and more. This is to a concept to drive web traffic to our area, and attract tourist, and locals to explore what Washington County MD has to offer. This will also use linking, featured businesses, and other creative ways to get eyes on your Internetstate.

Hamlets Scroll of Washington County MD
Viral Blog

This is the platform that is the foundation. A strong foundation. A longer story but in short. It has made millionaires, but I have went a different route by creating the local enterprise of Hamlets Scroll to eliminate some of the things mentioned before the Search Engines, and Social Media sites do. It is an easy to use blog, with great customer support.

Hamlets Scroll of Washington County MD E-marketplace

This is a unique online classified site for the area. It brings in the power of SEO, and the ability to add pictures, videos, weather widgets, maps, and more to help achieve the outcome someone is looking for. For businesses, cross-linking. Lets talk.

E-Mail Marketing

Simple, Grow Your Business with E-mail marketing. Whether you create your own campaign, or add your deals, specials, events and more to Hamlets Scroll of Washington County MD E-mail campaigns. Read more here.

Hamlets Scroll of Washington County MDs
Spotlight on Local Business

This is another technique to overcome Algorithm changes and puts more eyes on your business. It is also used to showcase a little bit about you and your business. Video, images, and text with integration of some SEO techniques on its own page to take Internetestate on the Search Engines.

Lets talk about the Hamlets Scroll of WHMD Local Business Spotlight on your business.

The GAME….
Coming Soon

This is going to be the greatest game that comes to Washington County MD. It is really going to help create exposure for your businesses, and give back to the community. It will test local knowledge and more. Prizes will be all local. Local weekend get away’s, gift cards, retail packages and more. This is a win-win for your business, and the community. Lets talk…about the Game.


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Hamlets Scroll of Washington County MD is just the beginning. When people think local, they will think of Hamlets Scroll. You have the opportunity to grow your business, and  partner with Hamlets Scroll. Lets talk about your Scroll. 

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