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How Hamlets Scrolls relationship marketing helps business like yours and serves the community.

Since conception, Hamlets Scroll has been helping businesses stay connected with existing customers, attract new customers, and adapt to the ever changing algorithms of the internet including search engines, social media, and smart phone apps.
Hamlets Scroll is about the local communities, owned and operated by a local entrepreneur like myself. In fact, Hamlets Scroll started right in Washington County MD.

Hi! I am Richard Hernandez. I am here to help your business grow! When I first started this journey it was primarily for myself to save money and enjoy the local “Scene” of Washington County MD. I would keep track of kids nights, sign-up for any email I could get, and keep track of the specials at the local restaurants. I thought, why not share it.

As time went on, and after some exclusive training I had a thought to take more control of the WWW in the local area. To create a local search engine for businesses fueled by content marketing about the local area. To keep out the black hat tactic marketing. It would feature local things to do, and spotlight the local businesses.
Again, another thought came into mind. To create a local E-marketplace with the same concept. About the local area.
It was coming together as Hamlets Scroll.

I was involved in online marketing already with thousands invested in training. Like from this guy pictured with me.

Neil Patel (2)

Neil Patel. He is one of the greatest online marketers.
1. Entrepreneurs Marketers to Watch
2. Recognized by the United Nations

I also received training from David Wood. His business is online marketing, and behind the Easy to Use Blog system Hamlets Scroll is on.

David wood

Some of his training included Top Producer Formula, Massive Influence, and other training such as Team Building Formula.

This training is implemented and utilized with the relationship marketing of Hamlet’s Scroll and will benefit your business. Let’s talk about your relationship marketing today. Fill out the form to schedule an appointment today.

Hamlets Scroll is a marketing platform. Not a social media company. Social Media is only one online marketing outlet utilized. Hamlets Scroll uses content marketing through daily deals and specials, community events, “The Scene” an Online E-marketplace, a local business directory, cross-linking, back-linking, video, and more.

Explore the pages through the menu bar at top, the Facebook pages below, or learn more and schedule a meeting today on growing your business!

Contact Hamlets Scroll today about your online marketing needs. Whether it is content marketing or general marketing Hamlets Scroll is for you!

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